Mei 19, 2012

Wood Pellet Stoves Are Economical Alternatives

Consumers searching for a heating alternative often wonder what is a pellet stove? These fuel efficient appliances have the capability of heating a single room or entire house for much less than standard furnaces. They are also decorative and add to the décor of any dwelling.

With the rising costs of oil and electric pellet stoves are quickly becoming a cheaper heating source as well as a more sustainable one. Think of all the waste from lumber yards that are able to be used into making wood pellets instead of being sweeped up and thrown out. You are not only saving money, but you are helping the environment out as well.

Wood pellet stoves use pellets made from recycled sawdust or other wood materials. Wood pellet are low in moisture content resulting in a high combustion capability which permits them to burn hotter. This product produces no smoke or smell and does not dry out the air like standard wood stoves. These pellets burn cleaner leaving little creosote which is soot, ash, and other debris to build up inside the unit. This environmentally friendly alternative emits very low amounts of pollutants to harm the atmosphere. Wood pellet bags are easy to handle and store and can be purchased from local retailers. Besides pellets, these stoves can also burn seeds, wood chips, grain, or dried corn.

Wood pellet stoves are free standing appliances that can be positioned next to a wall, in a corner, or inserted into a fireplace. It can be tied into an existing chimney or vented directly outside. A constant flame is produced by a gradual feeding of wood pellets from an automatic feeder located above the flame. An exhaust blower outputs heat and inputs air in the proper combination for safe operation. Sealed exhaust pipes are used to prevent harmful gasses from entering the structure. Models are either lit manually, self-igniting, or have remote control ignition. This heat source is easily connected to any standard electrical outlet and can also be operated with a generator in the event of a power outage.

Formerly boxy and cumbersome, modern wood pellet stoves are decorative and an interesting yet functional conversation piece. They are available in many designs and sizes and offered in colors such as black, gray, and red. Most models feature front glass doors to view the flame inside. Since the exterior surface of the stove does not get hot, wood pellet stoves can be positioned as close as one inch from the wall and do not pose a threat to children, pets, or those walking too close to the appliance.

Consumers purchasing a wood pellet stove find they are easy to operate and require replenishing only once a day or every other day depending on its use. Savings are enjoyed on their utility bills and they benefit from an income tax credit. Its use will not harm the environment or pose a potential danger to those residing in the home. If you have been looking for a way to go greener and heat your home more efficiently then looking into pellet stoves as an alternate heating source is definately and option.